Organizations being featured at Disrupting the Disruptors

Stocksy United: Stocksy is an artist-owned co-operative founded on the principles of equality, respect, and fair distribution of profits. Owned by workers, founders and 1,000 contributing artists who receive 50% of a Standard License Purchase and 75% of an Extended License Purchase – every single co-op member receives a share of the company. This sets a new standard for compensation in this niche creative sector.

Modo Co-operative: Modo provides convenient, reliable and affordable access to the most diverse fleet of shared vehicles across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. Established 20 years ago, Modo transitioned to a convenient and sophisticated booking platform and remains the only car share in their market focused on maximizing member service, not profits. 18,000 members, 800 businesses, 100 building developers and several local municipalities use Modo. 12 other car share co-ops are now using Modo’s platform.

Savvy Co-operative: Savvy connects the Savvy Crowd (healthcare consumers, patients & loved ones) with Savvy Partners (recognized market & scientific researchers and other professionals). Because we are a co-op, crowd members can become owners of the company, who each have equal votes in the major decisions we make and share in the profits. We believe allowing our users to become owners encourage a larger and stronger network of motivated consumers, which will better amplify the patient voice in the healthcare industry. Together, we can make a difference.

 SMart Co-operative: SMart started as a not-for-profit supporting artists in Belgium in 1998 to allow creative professionals to work on their projects without being overwhelmed by administrative burdens and the worry of unpredictable cash-flow. Now it offers those services via its platform all autonomous workers, freelancers who have various types of contracts, different incomes and who work in a wide array of economic sectors and professions. SMart serves freelancer members in 9 European countries. SMart being a cooperative offers a shared structure for these independent workers, who, because of the nature of their work and the ill adapted legal schemes, find themselves in a precarious situation, often lacking sufficient social protection and a community.

Fairbnb Co-op Amsterdam: Fairbnb is working on a vacation rental platform, which offers three advantages over existing sites: transparency, co-ownership and added value for neighborhoods and municipalities. The platform will be owned and managed by a co-operative of users and neighbours, who will collectively decide how to reinvest part of the profits in local projects that would help to ease the impact of tourism, protect residency and fight gentrification. These neighbours will also collaborate with hosts and guests to ensure a meaningful and community-driven experience for visitors.

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