Brianna Wetlauffer, Stocksy United

Brianna Wettlaufer is CEO and Co-founder of Stocksy United, a platform co-op co-founded by a team of senior industry executives, co-owned by its international community of 1,000 artists, representing more than 60 countries, all hand selected from over 15,000 applications (2016).

Stocksy serves the world’s top agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and notorious online brands, with its exclusive collection of high-end curated stock photography and video. From 2014-2015 Stocksy grew over 118%, closing 2015 at over $7.9 million USD and to date has grossed more than $20 million dollars. Stocksy has received attention from The New York Times, Forbes Magazine and The Nation for its innovative co-op model that has created an ethical gig economy.

Brianna has worked as a multidisciplinary executive for over 15 years. Mentoring startups in Canada, Korea, Japan, and the US, all focused on using community and curation to lead companies forward in photography, art, and music.

She is a frequent speaker for developing online: cooperatives, democratic communities, ethical businesses and integrity of the product.

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