Jen Horonjeff, PhD,

Jen grew up with juvenile arthritis and now has a laundry list of other conditions. She is passionate about elevating and valuing the consumer’s voice and went on to become a healthcare researcher, industry consultant, regulatory advisor, and, most importantly, a consumer advocate. Today, Jen is one of the founders launching an innovative platform coop, Savvy, that has the ambitious goal of improving health care outcomes around the world through crowdsourcing.

Savvy will facilitate a better understanding of the unique day-to-day experiences of patients by inviting the correct patient or patients to participate in research projects on behalf of recognized market & scientific researchers and other professionals members. The Savvy Crowd members will be notified of relevant surveys, focus groups, interviews, product testing and clinical trials. This allows members to use their experiences for good to help researchers create future patient-driven solutions. Of course, participants also get paid! Everybody wins!

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