Kristy Milland, McMaster University

Kristy Milland, is studying at McMaster University, after spending the last 10 years as a worker on Amazon Mechanical Turk. She is community manager of and also operates other tools and sites for Turkers. Recently, she led the Dear Jeff Bezos campaign on, which brought about a great deal of media interest. In an attempt to give Turkers a voice through her work, she was interviewed by many journalistic outlets across the globe. The paper on the project, “We Are Dynamo: Overcoming Stalling and Friction in Collective Action for Crowd Workers” by lead author Niloufar Salehi, won “Best of” at CHI 2015. Her interests also lie in how to make the work environment for digital laborers more ethical, and the creation of platforms run by workers is one of her passions.

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