A platform cooperative is a website or an app that sells products or services. The only difference is that in this case, the participants own and run the company. In other words, the ownership and management of the company are distributed to all the participants.

Many companies around the world are using this model and have become successful. Here are some good examples of successful platform coops.



This is a cooperative that sells photography. This company is based on the concept that those who provide photos to this site should receive good money and must have a sustainable career.

This company is based in British Columbia and is doing quite well. The photographers get a 50% commission on the sale. Also, at the end of the year, if there is an extra income then it is distributed among the artists.



It is a car-sharing cooperative that works like Uber. The difference is that here the members are the owners of the company as well which is not the case in Uber. Any decision is made through voting and the participants have an equal share of the revenue.

This company now has thousands of members and hundreds of cars available for rent. The customers can rent cars through the company website or app.



This cooperative is similar to Amazon or eBay from where customers can buy products or sell products. It is run by every member of the company and they sell products that are ethically sourced.

You can become an affiliate and have a cooperative based on their model in your country as well.

These platform cooperatives have shown that it can be possible to generate more income and reduce consumption by distributing ownership to every player of the business. If more companies start adopting this model, then we can preserve our resources and make sure that they are not wasted.